Fashion changes at my will
Xinyiyuan Jewelry is a sub-brand of Decent Group, which is mainly engaged in the retail and wholesale of gold jewelries, committed to becoming a jewelry brand that pursues fashion styles and consistent quality. Relying on big data and changes in market consumption, Xinyiyuan Jewelry firstly launched the Fashion Gold Life-long Exchange business program in 2017, advocating the jewelry consumption proposal of Fashion changes at my will in the new era, providing customers with new experience of “one-time purchase followed by life-long exchange service”. Over years, relying on the powerful strength of the Group, Xinyiyuan Jewelry has kept on combining unique design concepts with sincere craftsmanship to bring customers a diversified selection of characteristic products. Through the establishment, updating and improvement of the integrated retail operation system which sets five enabling services including product development, brand planning, operation management, market development, and professional training in one, the brand provides customers with the best quality services.
Xin·Personality Series
Focusing on the three major needs of millennials: emotional expression, self-presentation, and self-rewarding, the trendy personality elements are integrated into the jewelry design, to show a fashionable, simple, sweet and fresh style, aiming to convey the life attitudes of “being positive, loyal to yourself, and courageous for love”, to interpret their own golden age.
Xin·Marriage Witness Series
With the Chinese cultural concept on wedding, it takes fashionable marriage as the design element, to present the attitude towards free marriage of the people who were born in the 1990s. Xin·Xishi, also carries sincere wishes for a happy marriage and love at the beginning of a new life. It combines traditional elements with modern jewelry art to perfectly present the noble and gorgeous oriental marriage jewelries, decorating the most beautiful moments of oriental brides and witnessing the grand wedding.
Xin- Fashion for Men Series
With the faith and advocacy towards the dignity and grandness as well as the modern totem style of gold, it integrates fashion personality and trendy design, reinterpreting jewelries for men, presenting a unique style of the wearer, and perfectly presenting the personality charm and unique taste of men.
Xin-Gift Series
1. Gifts to Parents: To express thanks for parenting grace to parents, with the products that have meanings of blessing, peace, health, happiness, etc., inheriting the traditional virtues of respecting the old and loving the young.
2. Gifts to Children: Children are the jewel in the palm of their parents, the crystallization of love, and the continuation of happiness. Parents may send this series of products symbolizing cleverness, joy, and happiness to their children, blessing them to grow healthily.

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