Decent Group was the first to introduce the purification technology system in the industry and pushed China’s gold jewelry consumer market into a 99.999% high-purity era with a gold jewelry purity exceeding the industry standard, providing jewelry consumers with choices of gold jewelries at the highest grade.

Seven Fine Systems
  • Fine Development and Innovation
    Decent Group supports the design of tens of thousands of innovative products annually with its strong R&D system resources. It not only has an independent original R&D and design team, but also cooperates with well-known design masters at home and abroad, gradually improving the market demand-oriented differentiated R&D system from various R&D forms from conventional independent research and development, directional research and development, exclusive customer customization, and patent research and development.
  • Fine Material Selection
    The raw material gold with the highest purity is used, which witnesses the strength and value of Decent Group. All the raw materials used by Decent Group are all sourced from the Shanghai Gold Exchange, thereby, we are committed to stabilizing the domestic gold & jewelry market order and promoting the healthy development of the gold market.
    Besides, the quality of Decent Groups fine diamond products is at H Color Grade and SI Clarity Grade or above, creating Decents fine craft with high-standard materials.
  • Fine Management
    Decent Group implements the management guidelines of Enterprise Standardization, Internal Refinement, and Production Informationization.
    Twenty-seven factories take the integration of production and business as the standard in terms of the production management, achieving seamless joint of all processes. The 360° fine management system including automatic order arrangement and production, visualized production process and flexible production scheduling, fully meeting the requirements for a high production efficiency.
  • Fine Equipment
    Decent Group invested a huge sum on the import of purifying equipment, as well as chain-making, bead-lathing, tube-lathing, welding, engraving and milling machines required for automatic production from Swiss. The products are made with the ultra-fine particle vacuum purification technology, through 14 purification procedures, and 50 fine-craft production procedures. In addition, dozens of advanced testing devices are equipped to achieve accurate and efficient testing, finally realizing breakthroughs in the Groups process R&D technology,production and gold purity, guaranteeing the production capacity of one million styles.
  • Fine Craftsmanship
    Decent Group combines the essence of jewelry making technologies from innovative craft research and development to extremely delicate manufacture. Through many years of accumulation, it has established seven major fine craft systems including pattern-, sand-, thread-, bead-, edge- and plane- making crafts, and originally developed 119 special crafts, attaching more luxurious texture and elegance to the products.
  • Fine Inspection
    With the national inspection as the guarantee of quality, Decent Group adopts standard management. A laboratory was established jointly by the Group and the Nanjing National Jewelry Inspection Center. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the National Safety Production Standardization Certification. Competitive products are made relying on  two major controls, i.e. the percentage testing in the production process, and the full supervision and inspection on the product appearance quality.
  • Fine Products
    Inheriting oriental classics and making fantastic products in the era, Decent Group strives to create the infinite charm of product + culture + fashion, and its three major brands cover full-category fine products in the wholesale and retail systems.
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